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The show must go on! All performances will take place at their scheduled time, regardless of weather conditions. Missed performances cannot be exchanged or refunded, so please plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time for safe travel and for parking.
It's a Wonderful Life on stage in Toronto
  • Kirstin Stokes Smith Avatar

    Kirstin Stokes Smith

    5 star rating

    Saw Avenue Q & loved the performance as well as the venue!

  • Miranda Goldberg Avatar

    Miranda Goldberg

    5 star rating

    Blown away by the performance. Dorothy was spectacular. Beautifully put together. A must see

  • Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson Avatar

    Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson

    5 star rating

    There shows are always sensational. Love this place.

  • Olga Kostic Avatar

    Olga Kostic

    5 star rating

    Every show here has been fantastic! Great staff, great space, and great creativity and talent.

  • Maria Crossett McDowell Avatar

    Maria Crossett McDowell

    5 star rating

    Love this Little theatre. Have enjoyed Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins here. Very talented individuals.

  • Joan Harris Avatar

    Joan Harris

    5 star rating

    Great show!!!
    And I was told they are getting more comfortable chairs!!! I cant wait�

  • Debbie Kerr Avatar

    Debbie Kerr

    5 star rating

    Great theatre, easy to get to, good parking ,nice food places close by. You feel like part of the play.

  • Irene Bazos Avatar

    Irene Bazos

    5 star rating

    The Wizard of Oz, was a wonderful performance, fun for children and adults. I will be attending again soon!

  • Daniela Capicotto Avatar

    Daniela Capicotto

    5 star rating

    Excellent production of Wizard of Oz! The set to the costumes and cast. It was well put together. Thank you!

  • Marisa Muzzatti Avatar

    Marisa Muzzatti

    5 star rating

    Second show/visit! Just as great as the first. Great show and great staff!! Everyone very friendly and cordial - will return again

  • Vitaly Saldatenko Avatar

    Vitaly Saldatenko

    5 star rating

    The most fascinating musical ever!!! I would definitely see it again! Absolutely loved it!!!

  • Barbara Lambert-Thompson Avatar

    Barbara Lambert-Thompson

    5 star rating

    Have seen four production at this theatre and have really enjoyed everyone of them.

  • Katherine Steele Chin Avatar

    Katherine Steele Chin

    5 star rating

    Really enjoyed Little Shop of Horrors. I would definitely come back to see more productions at this theatre.

  • Sean McMurray Avatar

    Sean McMurray

    5 star rating

    Great play and amazing intimate environment. The actors and actress' were amazing and well worth the trip

  • Natalie Ramphos Mukherjee Avatar

    Natalie Ramphos Mukherjee

    5 star rating

    Amazing performance of Mary Poppins! My daughter can't stop raving about it!

  • Dacina Iuliana Crasnanic Avatar

    Dacina Iuliana Crasnanic

    5 star rating

    Amazing performance!!! Incredible artists, the cast at the Lower Ossington Theatre offers always a great experience and unforgettable performance!

  • Marcie Costello Avatar

    Marcie Costello

    5 star rating

    Was able to attend the Mary Poppins performance last night. FANTASTIC. Such wonderful talent in small theatre. A great experience and the vocals were terrific! Thank you!

  • Diana Budiša Meany Avatar

    Diana Budiša Meany

    5 star rating

    First time at this venue. We saw Little Shop of Horrors and loved it! Such talented actors, singers and dancers! We'll definitely be back for another show.

  • Alison Van Praet Avatar

    Alison Van Praet

    5 star rating

    Mary Poppins was an excellent production and the characters were spot on, lots of fun and kept a smile on my face throughout.

  • Mark Kofman Avatar

    Mark Kofman

    5 star rating

    Amazing theatre - small and cozy, great performance, excellent actors, affordable ticket prices.
    Only problem: to find parking... 🙂

  • Brenda Coady Avatar

    Brenda Coady

    5 star rating

    Excellent production! Recommend it to everyone.

  • Kathy Beckwith Haney Avatar

    Kathy Beckwith Haney

    5 star rating

    Quaint little theatre! Excellent production. Would definitely go back again! ��

  • Marilyn White Avatar

    Marilyn White

    5 star rating

    Never been to this theatre before. Smaller venue. Today's performance of Mary Poppins was outstanding. The whole show was so entertaining - from the singing to the dancing and costumes. Will be back for other performances in the future !

  • Kimberly Barr Avatar

    Kimberly Barr

    5 star rating

    Intimate setting with FANTASTIC performances!!!! � every moment of the show�

  • Alina Dorina Avatar

    Alina Dorina

    5 star rating

    It's my favorite theater in Toronto! Sister Act is so great

  • Renee McKinski Avatar

    Renee McKinski

    5 star rating

    Small, intimate theatre with the best productions ever! Loved Mary Poppins!!!

  • Yvonne Dewar Avatar

    Yvonne Dewar

    5 star rating

    Amazing Talent in an intimate environment! Something for everyone! Will keep returning.

  • Wayne Cowie Avatar

    Wayne Cowie

    5 star rating

    Great intimate venue! Crazy talent! Love this place!

  • Gordon Emery Avatar

    Gordon Emery

    5 star rating

    GREAT performance of Avenue Q, So much fun! Would love to see again!!!

  • Steve Rice Avatar

    Steve Rice

    5 star rating

    Amazing just saw rent tonight incredible
    Great seats great how clean building


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