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It's a Wonderful Life on stage in Toronto
  • Kirstin Stokes Smith Avatar

    Kirstin Stokes Smith

    5 star rating

    Saw Avenue Q & loved the performance as well as the venue!

  • Miranda Goldberg Avatar

    Miranda Goldberg

    5 star rating

    Blown away by the performance. Dorothy was spectacular. Beautifully put together. A must see

  • Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson Avatar

    Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson

    5 star rating

    There shows are always sensational. Love this place.

  • Olga Kostic Avatar

    Olga Kostic

    5 star rating

    Every show here has been fantastic! Great staff, great space, and great creativity and talent.

  • Maria Crossett McDowell Avatar

    Maria Crossett McDowell

    5 star rating

    Love this Little theatre. Have enjoyed Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins here. Very talented individuals.

  • Joan Harris Avatar

    Joan Harris

    5 star rating

    Great show!!!
    And I was told they are getting more comfortable chairs!!! I cant wait�

  • Debbie Kerr Avatar

    Debbie Kerr

    5 star rating

    Great theatre, easy to get to, good parking ,nice food places close by. You feel like part of the play.

  • Irene Bazos Avatar

    Irene Bazos

    5 star rating

    The Wizard of Oz, was a wonderful performance, fun for children and adults. I will be attending again soon!

  • Daniela Capicotto Avatar

    Daniela Capicotto

    5 star rating

    Excellent production of Wizard of Oz! The set to the costumes and cast. It was well put together. Thank you!

  • Marisa Muzzatti Avatar

    Marisa Muzzatti

    5 star rating

    Second show/visit! Just as great as the first. Great show and great staff!! Everyone very friendly and cordial - will return again

  • Vitaly Saldatenko Avatar

    Vitaly Saldatenko

    5 star rating

    The most fascinating musical ever!!! I would definitely see it again! Absolutely loved it!!!

  • Barbara Lambert-Thompson Avatar

    Barbara Lambert-Thompson

    5 star rating

    Have seen four production at this theatre and have really enjoyed everyone of them.

  • Katherine Steele Chin Avatar

    Katherine Steele Chin

    5 star rating

    Really enjoyed Little Shop of Horrors. I would definitely come back to see more productions at this theatre.

  • Sean McMurray Avatar

    Sean McMurray

    5 star rating

    Great play and amazing intimate environment. The actors and actress' were amazing and well worth the trip

  • Natalie Ramphos Mukherjee Avatar

    Natalie Ramphos Mukherjee

    5 star rating

    Amazing performance of Mary Poppins! My daughter can't stop raving about it!

  • Dacina Iuliana Crasnanic Avatar

    Dacina Iuliana Crasnanic

    5 star rating

    Amazing performance!!! Incredible artists, the cast at the Lower Ossington Theatre offers always a great experience and unforgettable performance!

  • Marcie Costello Avatar

    Marcie Costello

    5 star rating

    Was able to attend the Mary Poppins performance last night. FANTASTIC. Such wonderful talent in small theatre. A great experience and the vocals were terrific! Thank you!

  • Diana Budiša Meany Avatar

    Diana Budiša Meany

    5 star rating

    First time at this venue. We saw Little Shop of Horrors and loved it! Such talented actors, singers and dancers! We'll definitely be back for another show.

  • Alison Van Praet Avatar

    Alison Van Praet

    5 star rating

    Mary Poppins was an excellent production and the characters were spot on, lots of fun and kept a smile on my face throughout.

  • Mark Kofman Avatar

    Mark Kofman

    5 star rating

    Amazing theatre - small and cozy, great performance, excellent actors, affordable ticket prices.
    Only problem: to find parking... 🙂

  • Brenda Coady Avatar

    Brenda Coady

    5 star rating

    Excellent production! Recommend it to everyone.

  • Kathy Beckwith Haney Avatar

    Kathy Beckwith Haney

    5 star rating

    Quaint little theatre! Excellent production. Would definitely go back again! ��

  • Marilyn White Avatar

    Marilyn White

    5 star rating

    Never been to this theatre before. Smaller venue. Today's performance of Mary Poppins was outstanding. The whole show was so entertaining - from the singing to the dancing and costumes. Will be back for other performances in the future !

  • Kimberly Barr Avatar

    Kimberly Barr

    5 star rating

    Intimate setting with FANTASTIC performances!!!! � every moment of the show�

  • Alina Dorina Avatar

    Alina Dorina

    5 star rating

    It's my favorite theater in Toronto! Sister Act is so great

  • Renee McKinski Avatar

    Renee McKinski

    5 star rating

    Small, intimate theatre with the best productions ever! Loved Mary Poppins!!!

  • Yvonne Dewar Avatar

    Yvonne Dewar

    5 star rating

    Amazing Talent in an intimate environment! Something for everyone! Will keep returning.

  • Wayne Cowie Avatar

    Wayne Cowie

    5 star rating

    Great intimate venue! Crazy talent! Love this place!

  • Gordon Emery Avatar

    Gordon Emery

    5 star rating

    GREAT performance of Avenue Q, So much fun! Would love to see again!!!

  • Steve Rice Avatar

    Steve Rice

    5 star rating

    Amazing just saw rent tonight incredible
    Great seats great how clean building


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